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Our wagon is a late 1800's or early 1900's original build.  We don't know the history of the wagon but we know it's all original build components.  A Chuck Wagon is comprised of 3 main parts; the Running Gear, the Wagon Box and the Chuck Box. 


The Running Gear is all of the underside of the wagon.  This would include the wheels and hubs, axles, and all frame work below the Wagon Box.  Our Running Gear is believed to be Moline.  This is indicated by the remnants of the original red paint and some of the hardware used.

The Wagon Box is the box that sits on top of the Running Gear.  This is the main body of the wagon.  It's here that you store/haul all of your gear and the drivers seat is mounted on top of the box.  On a Chuck Wagon, the Chuck Box is built into the tail of the Wagon Box.  Our Wagon Box is believed to be John Deere.  This is indicated by the remnants of green and yellow paint and the fact that John Deere and Moline, at one time, had a partnership building wagons.

Wagon Running Gear

Wagon Box on top of Running Gear  

The Chuck Box is the "heart" of the Chuck Wagon.  It's where all of the food and supplies are kept.  You can look at it as a kitchen and pantry all in one.  Most have drawers and cubby holes.  The drawers are typically used for small utensils and tools while the cubbies are used to house spices, food supply, pots & pans and anything else needed to get the job done.

Other must haves on the Chuck Wagon are the Coffee Grinder, Water Barrel, Axe, Shovel, Cooks Fly, among several other tools used on a daily basis on the trail.  Our wagon is fully outfitted with everything needed for daily work.  Feel free to schedule a time to come check it out.


Chuck Box

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