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Walburg Wagon & Cattle can help you in various ways.  Please reach out to us to discuss your needs and let us help you reach your goals.  Below are a few examples of some of the services we offer.

CATERING  We can provide Western Style Catering for any event.  From our rustic Ranch Works Catering (for working cowboys and cowgirls) to Weddings or Corporate Events of any size.  We'll bring you some of the most awe inspiring western dishes that will leave your guests well fed and satisfied. 

While our menu is well rounded, we can also provide BBQ for events of any size.  Cooked on site or brought in, this works great for fundraising, group events or family reunions.  Let us bring the BBQ and you provide the sides.

DISPLAYS  Our wagon is available for displays of all types.  It can be used for Western Heritage displays at museums or municipal events, Educational Displays at schools or events, Wedding Decor or as a Photo Op at any event.  The wagon is a great feature for dessert or coffee set ups too.

You can also book the wagon to come with a cowboy to explain the wagon, the history, what the tools are, how it was used on the trail.  Additionally, horses can be booked with the wagon which include rides if desired (ponies available for children events).

MUSIC/ENTERTAINMENT  An advantage to using Walburg Wagon & Cattle is our extensive connection to live entertainment.  There's hardly a Country or Western band we don't know or can't get for your event.  Some are even personal friends of ours!  Let us know what you're looking for and we can put it together for you.  Modern Texas Country, Classic Country, Western Music, Cajun Music, Dancehall...we can get it all.  

Beyond the band, we can arrange for all of the production.  We have a 25 year history in live production.  We've done everything from backyard bar-be-cues to multi-day festivals for 100,000.  We can arrange any type of production you can dream of including several custom features.  

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