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Walburg BBQ Cook Off 2017

Chuck Wagon in Action
Wagon and Pit
Fun with Kids!
Flying the Flag
Smoke is rollin'
Flying Our Colors
Getting Ready for Turn In

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zion school texas week

Welcome Students
Where'd that thingy go?!?
Where magic happens!
Hot Iron
Mrs. Kathy Pitts
All them tools
Trail Drivin'
Home on the range
Tour of the Wagon
Say Cheese
Let's make biscuits!
Eager to learn
Even the teachers were into it
Like herdin' cats
A big day
Everyone can ask questions!
That does what?
Havin' Fun
The whole gang!

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peaceful spirit ranch

The Wagon
Engaging Guests
The Chuck Box
Speech!  Speech!
A Peaceful Place
Prepping Dinner
Paul Overfelt
A Place to Cook
The Wagon
The Fire Box
Feedin' Line

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Thanksgiving 2017

Feedin' Line
Chuck Wagon Fare
Have Wagon - Will Travel

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