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Walburg Wagon & Cattle, LLC was formed in order to provide Western hospitality and catering to any and all that desire it.  Chuck Wagon cooking is not nearly as common as it was in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  Most young adults today don't even know what a Chuck Wagon is or how it was used.  While providing Western services, we like to educate folks about the history and heritage our Western lifestyle carries.  Feel free to ask us questions about anything we offer.  We're here to serve you.

Our Founder:

Brandon Sossamon has a love for Western Heritage.  Being the traditionalist that he is, everything is done the way it was "back then"...or close to.  

Brandon grew up in the Texas coastal community of Lake Jackson.  While attending Brazoswood High School, he and a group of classmates founded a rodeo team and began riding in buck-outs in local arenas.  Brandon also devoted a lot of time to his local PRCA Rodeo Committee with the Brazoria County Fair and Rodeo.  It was there that he realized that working in a Western Heritage environment is fun and can often be relaxing.  

After High School and during College/post College, Brandon spent his early adult years working in Radio Broadcast and Live Entertainment.  It wasn't long before he got the touring bug and gave up his radio career to go on the road with bands.  Acts he toured with include TEXAS the Band (Terry Fator), Asleep at the Wheel, Bruce Springsteen, Mix Master Mike, Dinosaur JR, Vampire Weekend, Star Wars in Concert and many more.  In 2012, Brandon got off the road but continued to work in the Live Event Industry.  Now that he's home, he finds time to get back to his Western roots which includes Cast Iron cooking.  Through this love of cooking, he's expanded his hobby to a business to include the wagon.  Brandon hopes to bring this passion to others through Walburg Wagon & Cattle.

Photo Credit: A & T Haight Ranching

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