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To different people, the chuck wagon plays a different role in their lives.  To the wagon boss, it is a place for his cowboys to be well fed.  To the working cowboy, it is a home on wheels.  To the wagon cook, it is the place where he works many long, weary hours.  To the average citizen, the wagon is a place to visit and enjoy something quite different.

The Chuck Wagon is an icon in Western Civilization.  Inventented by Charles Goodnight around 1866, it's fed many cowboys and cowgirls as well as onlookers over the years.  As Bill Thompson once put it, " The Chuck Wagon is a symbol of the rugged individualism and can-do spirit of the American frontier."  It's a home on the trail for those that make their living there.  It's at the Chuck Wagon that cowboys and cowgirls find friendship, fellowship, peace, warmth, shelter and above all; food!  


It's Walburg Wagon and Cattle's goal to bring this experience to you.  Whether you're conducting Ranch Works with 10 people or a Corporate Function for 500, we can cater to your needs and bring that western hospitality with us.  Our authentic Chuck Wagon is available for catering events, historical displays, educational exhibitions or plain ol' western decor.  Let us know what you need and we'll work with you to reach your goals.  Our combined event experience stretches back event or idea is unreachable.

[Richard Bolt †, Chuckwagon Cook - 6666 Ranch]

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